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I don’t always have the time to write something in here. As I am working on a new novel, It’s take all my attention. But I certainly will take a moment to wishing you, my Americans friends’ writers, a very good Thanksgiving.

With the voice of Séraphine…

Happy Thanksgiving!



1. Picture: Séraphine de Senlis. L’arbre de vie.



When the drums begin to beat  untitled
Down the street,
When the poles are fetched and guyed,
When the tight-rope’s stretched and tied,
When the dance-girls make salaam,
When the snake-bag wakes alarm,
When the pipes set up their drone,
When the sharp-edged knives are thrown,
When the red-hot coals are shown,
To be swallowed by and bye–
_Arre_ Brethren, here come I!  

Stripped to loin-cloth in the sun,
Search me well and watch me close!
Tell me how my tricks are done–
Tell me how the mango grows?
Give a man who is not made
To his trade
Swords to fling and catch again,
Coins to ring and snatch again,
Men to harm and cure again.
Snakes to charm and lure again–
He’ll be hurt by his own blade,
By his serpents disobeyed,
By his clumsiness bewrayed,
By the people laughed to scorn–
So ’tis not with juggler born!

Pinch of dust or withered flower,
Chance-flung nut or borrowed staff,
Serve his need and shore his power,
Bind the spell or loose the laugh!
Rudyard Kipling: Juggler’s Song.


As a writer, I often feel like a juggler who’s playing with balls as we do with words. First ball could be the technical part of the writing life; the second the story and the third, imagination…

There are many differences between the ways writers do there writing. But more I read and discover my new Americans companions, more I get convinced of the contraries. We do all share the same feeling. We do have to juggle with the tree balls and more every day. We also must deal with the new technology that computer bring to us. This new way of life brings our work to universal perspectives. This is why in my point of view, we try to stay connected with this virtual world by the blogging universe.

French bloggers don’t talk too much about there writing. They discuss but the technical, stories and imagination sources are often like a secret thing… In my opinion, this is the biggest difference between the French and American world of writing.

And this is why I do have great respect for all of you who take the time to share with others the feelings and the experience of writing. Its make the juggle of words more fun and easier…

Do you feel like a juggler?


The juggler