Séraphine de Senlis

Posted: 26/11/2009 in Book, Literature, Novel, Pause café, Writer
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I don’t always have the time to write something in here. As I am working on a new novel, It’s take all my attention. But I certainly will take a moment to wishing you, my Americans friends’ writers, a very good Thanksgiving.

With the voice of Séraphine…

Happy Thanksgiving!



1. Picture: Séraphine de Senlis. L’arbre de vie.

  1. cynthia says:

    Mireille, I LOVED this movie. Didn’t you?
    And thanks for the painting.
    Happy Holidays!

    • This movie was so well done. It’s make me discover this painter.For me, she was the incarnation of the «naïf» painter. Everything she choose to represented was from her soul and created with all the naturally things she could find around her village and in nature. I particularly loved when she climb up into a tree and just look around her and listen to the elements of nature that she loved to paint.

      Her «mystic» nature was another part of her secret weapon for creation. She have devoted her life to painting. Her «mécène» was also a great friend and promoter for the primitif and naïfs art like Douanier Rousseau.

      I have seen this movie twice… I really like this film d’auteur.

      It’s remind me another incredible movie that was produced in 1991 I think but about Vincent Van Gogh. Did you see this film?

      It’s has been produced with the same «souci d’authenticité»…

      Thanks for your comment.

      Happy Holidays!

      • cynthia says:

        I have not seen the film on Van Gogh, but just watched the short excerpt on YouTube. Now I’m trying to find a copy! Thanks, Mireille.

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